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Not only do hot tubs require a dedicated circuit at 240 volts, but they are filled with water!

Together water and electricity can create a lethal hazard, so the wiring is best done by an electrician who has experience with hot tubs and spas.

Usually the electrical circuit for a hot tub requires a 50-amp circuit breaker at 240 volts. If you search around, you might be able to find a smaller unit that can operate on a 20-amp circuit at 120 volts. (The wiring installation for this type of a hot tub will be less expensive.)

What is required for hot tub installation?

  • Clearly labeled emergency shut off accessible to users, located not less than five feet away, and within sight of the hot tub
  • Flexible liquid-tight, non-metallic conduit
  • Interior wiring containing a copper equipment grounding (bonding) conductor in accordance with the National Electrical Code

Things that you absolutely should not do:

  • Install the tub under an electrical power line
  • Use underground wiring under the tub or spa
  • Install low-voltage lighting within ten feet of the tub

All of these things add up to the need for an electrician who knows the National Electrical Code and has experience with this type of equipment. This is no job for amateurs.

Call Vera's Electric even before your tub is delivered to make sure that you are prepared!