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Make Your Home More Efficient with Motion Sensors

Efficiency and safety: two all important words when it comes to home protection and cost-effectiveness.  The good news is that motion sensor lighting can help in both of these areas.

What Are Motion Sensors?

Motion sensors are lights that automatically turn on when motion is detected.  For example, a motion sensor will light up when a car pulls in the driveway, or when a neighbor visits.  Motion sensors can be set up in specific locations, typically near garages, front- or rear-doors where there is more foot traffic and more need for illumination.

How Are Motion Sensors More Efficient?

The trick is control.  The more control a homeowner has over home electrical systems, the more energy consumption may be reduced.  Think about it.  There’s no need for lights to automatically turn on at a certain time of day or night if there’s no one there to shed light upon or around.  Motion sensors ensure that lights only go on when there’s sufficient motion to indicate a person or a car.  With motion sensors you get the illumination you need when you need it.  End of story.

How Can Motion Sensors Assist with Home Safety?

Because motion sensor lighting is designed to light up at the first sign of motion, it tends to alarm and dissuade potential burglars and other unsavory characters from visiting your home.  And perhaps even more practically speaking motion sensors simply shed light on driveways, walkways, and porches so that you can see where you’re going!

Benefits of Motion Sensors

  • More control over energy consumption
  • Save money on monthly utility bills
  • Increase overall household safety
  • Impress friends and neighbors with your technologically savvy lighting capabilities!

Stop unnecessarily wasting energy and money!  Find out how a motion sensor can improve security in your home by contacting us today.